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V  O  T  E  !!

          I know we’ve been hearing so much; it almost makes you sick, but vote!

Voting is one of the most effective ways to make a change happen in America. Voting has protected our freedom from slavery, voting has protected our women’s rights, voting has protected our civil rights, voting has protected our right to Vote. We must vote this election and every local and national election afterwards, to make change and keep moving this country forward.

          We know how to make a change and we know how to use our voices and votes to do so. We saw that in 2008 and 2012 with the election of my forever president Barack Obama. Now is the time to continue to make change and vote for leaders working in our interest both locally and nationwide. Voting is one of the only ways to make change in America. Voting is what established the 13th amendment abolishing slavery (almost). Voting established women’s rights, civil rights, and many other rights we have to this day. In order to make a change and push this country forward, we must exercise our right to vote. Vote for the DA who  is going to convict bad cops. Vote for the mayor who’s going to take necessary precautions during pandemics to keep you and your loved ones safe. Vote for the governor working in your favor. If we don’t they will, and they have been. It’s time to take control of our situations and vote leaders who work for us! 

        We’ve chanted, we’ve marched, we’ve hugged, we’ve cried, we’ve protested peacefully, and we’ve burned some things down, now it’s time we vote. We made all the noise, we’ve raised all the awareness, now it’s time we create change. It’s time to vote!



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