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Houston County's Critical Race Truth

A Tale of Two Citizens

Silenced History of the Freedom Movement

       Silenced History is a chronicle of the history of Houston County's Black Citizens from the creation of the county, to those enslaved, their fight for freedom and their struggle to maintain their freedom after the civil war and after reconstruction; re-enslaving their children; ballot or the bullet - voter suppression; mob violence; Jim Crow segregation; and one hundred years later to the Civil Rights Movement.

Black Women on the Front Lines

Untold stories of the Civil Rights Movement

     Untold Stories is a continuation of the freedom movement which became the fight for Civil Rights fought for by the descendants of the enslaved.  Untold stories is a compilation of interviews with women who are the last generation of the Jim Crow era and were part of the Civil Rights Movement in Houston County, Georgia; and also Honorable Mentions of a few of the many Black Citizens of the County who were notables, barrier breakers, and ordinary people.

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