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              Reparations is not only an American outcry by her black descendants of slavery, African countries are demanding the same.  After years of Western European control, areas of Africa had lost control of their natural resources and experienced exploitation and enslavement.   Africa has never recovered, the result of this genocidal  history is still prevalent.  These are the same countries that No. 45 called "Shithole" countries.    Instead of paying them for all of the resources stolen and taken from them over the past 500 years,  countries continue to rob them of another precious resource...Uranium, for nuclear fuel / weapons. 



               No European colonial power in Africa, not the Dutch, the British, the French, the Belgians, the Germans, the Spanish nor the Italians has clean hands. First the missionaries went in with the goal to convert native populations to Christianity. Then came the  atrocious crimes, that Europeans committed on the people of Africa to steal all of the precious goods, including robbing Africa of her prime citizens to build their countries.

                 Map showing the natural resources from the continent of Africa.                 

          In Uganda the europeans shot down all the men and women in the village, and the children that survived were put in baskets and drowned like kittens”.     German settlers had been encroaching on the lands of the cattle raising people in Namibia, The people rebelled in 1904, and were not only mowed down with modern weapons but were driven by the thousands into the Kalahari Desert, where the vast majority starved or died of thirst. Exterminating more than three quarters of the people of Namibia.

         The Congolese people were bled dry and they murdered them if they resisted. The villagers were tortured and/or murdered, and the troops to account for ammunition they expended; they cut off the hands of people they shot, to prove that they were using the bullets for hunting humans. They even cut off the hands of living people, including small children and enslaved them to amass vast fortunes that they spent in adorning their countries. Half of the Congo’s population, or up to 10 million people, had been killed.

On June 17, 2020 at the UN session in Geneva, Reparations were discussed:

         UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, stated “Reparations should be paid and countries must confront the legacy of slavery and colonialism to better understand continuing “systematic discrimination.    She was speaking at the UN session in Geneva on Wednesday in an urgent debate in response to the killing of George Floyd at the hands of U.S. police nearly three weeks ago. It has triggered worldwide protests under the Black Lives Matter banner demanding action over centuries of structural racism.

           The special session of the Human Rights Council was called by the African Group, made up of 54 African continent member countries. Bachelet said racism “has become emblematic of the excessive use of disproportionate force by law enforcement against people of African descent…. Behind today’s racial violence, systemic racism, and discriminatory policing lies the failure to acknowledge and confront the legacy of the slave trade and colonialism.” 

          The former president of Chile said there was a need for countries to “make amends for centuries of violence and discrimination, including through formal apologies, truth-telling processes, and reparations in various forms.”    She said that centuries of racial discrimination and violence required an international response. “Time is of the essence.  Patience has run out. Black Lives Matter. Indigenous Lives Matter.”

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